Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers:

Question 01: Why my access has been suspended/terminated?

Answer: In most of these cases; reasons are related to the Code of Conduct. Please read and understand the Code of Conduct. If you believe that you have not breached the Code of Conduct, let us know through Contact Us page. In some minor cases; access was restored when the user accepted a breach in his/her Code of Conduct, apologised, and assured that a breach will not happen in future.

Question 02: Why the loading of the site is slow?

Answer: UMMnews has tried to design and build the site for a faster loading time. But there are many factors that affect the loading speed. Some of these factors are; traffic on the network at a given point of time, traffic at UMMnews servers and lines, traffic at your servers or lines, load of your local area network, number of applications running on your computer, a computer virus infection, etc.

Question 03: Why does UMMnews republishes news from other sites?
Answer: UMMnews has content exchange agreements with outlets with similar philosophy and ethics. UMMnews is selective when republishing a content.

Question 04: How Comments are ranked?

Answer: UMMnews has developed a formula to rank each comment. This formula is a proprietary of UMMnews. Generally speaking, the factors that determine the rank of a comment are: number of likes, number of dislikes, number of responses to a comment, total number of words in comment response, appropriateness of comments, apparent manipulation of the comment, commercial tone or hyperlinks in the comments, complains about certain comments, complaints about the user leaving such comments, etc.

Question 05: Why my News Item/Article/Video not published on UMMnews?

Answer: UMMnews has a strict editorial policy about the content type and quality of the News Item, Article, Opinions and Video that approved for publication. Please read it and make sure that your next News Item, Article, Opinions or Video confirms to those policies.

Question 06: Will my donation/s be tax deductible?

Answer: Not at the moment. UMMnews is an International news website. Though UMMnews is not for profit organisation, getting tax exemptions from so many countries demands UMMnews resources. In future; UMMnews will try to get tax exemptions, but only if getting it does not compromises UMMnews’s editorial policies.

Question 07: How do I change my Password or Contact Details?

Answer: Answer to come soon.

Question 08: I forgot my pass word. How do I access my account?

Answer: Answer to come soon.

Question 09: How do I close my account?

Answer: Answer to come soon.

If your question is not listed above, please use the Contact Us page to ask your question.