Russian Black Sea Fleet flagship to remain in service until 2040 — source

MOSCOW, July 5. /TASS/: The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s flagship, the Guards missile cruiser Moskva, will remain in service until 2040, a source in the Russian defense industry told TASS on Saturday.

The warship was placed in the dock of the 13th Ship Repair Plant in Sevastopol on April 22. The dockside repairs proceeded along with the cruiser’s maintenance, which was also done by the shipyard’s specialists. The vessel was brought out of the dock on July 2-3.

Austrian investigators say Russian asylum seeker shot dead in contract killing

VIENNA, July 5. /TASS/: Austria’s investigators believe that the murder of an asylum seeker from Russia in Gerasdorf near the capital Vienna was a contract killing, OE24 news portal reported citing sources in law enforcement agencies on Sunday.

The killed man and the detained person could be natives of Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Chechnya. Police declined to confirm this.

Range of Russian EMP weapons increased to 10 km — sources

MOSCOW, July 5. /TASS/: The range of Russia’s prospective EMP (electromagnetic pulse) cannons, which use a powerful beam of electromagnetic energy to destroy enemy targets, has been increased to 10 km, two defense industry sources told TASS on Sunday.

"The trials of EMP weapons have been under way since 2015. The latest firing of EMP cannons took place this spring. At present, the average range of EMP cannons against aerial targets is 7-8 km, with the maximum of 10 km," one of the sources said, adding that the range of such weapons was previously estimated at 1-2 km.

Neptune anti-ship missile systems to enter service with Ukrainian Navy in 2021

KIEV, July 5. /TASS/: The Ukrainian Navy will receive Neptune anti-ship missile systems next year and deploy them in the Black and Azov seas, Ukrainian Navy Commander Alexei Neizhpapa told the Ukrainian Radio Liberty on Saturday.

"As to the question of when - next year, I think. As to how many, I would say that there will be three divisions of coastal missile battalions: two in the Black Sea and one in the Sea of Azov," he said.

"The main task now is to get the Neptunes as soon as possible and to use them wisely," the official added.

Russia remains committed to nuclear test ban - Foreign Ministry

MOSCOW, July 4. /TASS/: Russia remains committed to the ban on nuclear tests and continues to implement the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty despite the fact that the treaty has not come into force, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s press office said on Saturday commenting on the United States’ 2020 Adherence to and Compliance with Arms Control, Nonproliferation, and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments (Compliance Report).

Constitutional amendments will enable Russia to avoid Soviet Union’s mistakes - Putin

MOSCOW, July 5. /TASS/: The right of the republics to withdraw from the Soviet Union was a time bomb and Russia should avoid such mistakes, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Moscow. Kremlin. Putin on Rossiya-1 TV channel on Sunday.

UK minister says Huawei must meet conditions for involvement in 5G network

LONDON (Reuters) - China’s Huawei has clear conditions to meet for Britain to continue to allow its involvement in the development of 5G telecoms infrastructure, Britain’s health minister said on Sunday, after a report that the firm would be banned from the project.

Officials are drawing up proposals to stop installing Huawei Technologies equipment in as little as six months, the Sunday Telegraph reported, in a reversal of a decision earlier this year.

Greece PM says won't accept strict EU conditions on COVID-19 aid - FT

(Reuters) - Greece will not accept strict European Union conditions on the use of the coronavirus emergency aid, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told the Financial Times newspaper in an interview published on Sunday.

“Greeks have matured a lot. And we want to do our own reforms”, he was quoted as saying

A six-monthly review of economic performance carried out by the European Commission was sufficient and that there was no need for any “additional strict conditionality,” he said.

Britain puts $10 million into study on long term effects of COVID-19

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain is putting 8.4 million pounds ($10.49 million) into a new study to examine the long-term effects of COVID-19 on patients, the health ministry said on Sunday.

The novel coronavirus which causes COVID-19 has been observed to cause many health impacts for some patients beyond immediate respiratory issues, but with other infected people asymptomatic, the workings of the virus are not fully understood.

France reaffirms commitment to JCPOA

Tehran, July 5, IRNA – French Foreign Ministry in a statement on Sunday reaffirmed commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

France's statement was in reaction to a letter forwarded by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s to EU High Representative Josep Borrell on invoking Dispute Resolution Mechanism envisaged by the context of the JCPOA.

By invoking DRM, Zarif expressed dismay of the Islamic Republic of Iran at lack of respect to the nuclear deal and failure of France, UK and German Governments to honor their commitments.

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