Colorado hero students highlight shift in school shooting guidance

BALTIMORE (AP) — The actions of students who died tackling gunmen at two U.S. campuses a week apart have been hailed as heroic. At a growing number of schools around the country, they also reflect guidance to students, at least in some situations, to do what they can to disrupt shootings.

A majority of school districts have now embraced such an approach, with experts saying educators need to give staff and students as many options as possible in the worst-case scenario.

Sex abuse crisis tops agenda as US Catholic bishops convene

11 Nov 2018; AP: As U.S. Catholic bishops gather for their national assembly next week, the clergy sex abuse crisis dominates their agenda amid calls from critics that church leaders finally bring about meaningful reforms to root out misbehaving priests.

The three-day assembly that starts Monday in Baltimore comes after a series of abuse scandals this year that have been stunning in their magnitude and number.

Terrorist Jarrod Ramos enters a plea of not guilty for shooting five people dead

Jarrod Ramos 38, accused of killing four Capital Gazette journalists and a sales assistant in Annapolis, Maryland, has entered a plea of not guilty to all 23 charges against him.

Ramos’ lawyers entered the plea with the Anne Arundel county circuit court. Ramos did not appear in court. He remains jailed without bond.

Capital Gazette terrorist’s letters requested by prosecutors

Prosecutors of Jarrod Ramos, accused of Capital Gazette shooting, have requested the jailers of copies of any letters he sends or receives.

Ramos is accused of killing five people and injuring many with a pump-action shotgun on 29 June 2018 at the Capital Gazette newspaper office in Annapolis, Maryland.

Deadliest terror attack on journalists in US

29 June 2018; Five people have been killed and many are injured after a suspect gunman, named Jarrod Ramos by police, opened fire at the Capital Gazette newspaper office, in Annapolis, Maryland.

The people killed include the assistant news editor Rob Hiaasen.

Gazette is one of the oldest newspapers in the United States.

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