Nuclear-powered Soviet submarine leaks radiation: researchers

12 July 2019; DW: A Soviet submarine is leaking radiation into the Norwegian Sea "clearly above what is normal in the oceans." But researchers said it posed no serious threat, saying radiation levels "weren't alarmingly high."

Norwegian researchers on Wednesday said they have documented a radiation leak from a sunken Soviet-era nuclear submarine.

World's largest Atlantic salmon producer to sell salmon via in China

OSLO, May 31 (Xinhua) -- Norway's Mowi, the world's largest producer of Atlantic salmon, will sell salmon to the Chinese market through China's e-commerce giant, online newspaper E24 reported Friday.

Mowi, formerly known as Marine Harvest, will sell four different salmon products via the website from their newly established factory in Shanghai, the first in Chinese mainland, the company said in a press release.

SAS cancels more flights as labor talks with pilots continue

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Scandinavian Airlines is canceling more flights as talks between the carrier and the striking pilots continued in the Norwegian capital.

The airline says 429 more flights were canceled Thursday on top of the 280 announced earlier for the day, totaling 709 flights being grounded which is affecting about 54,000 passengers.

The cancellation comes in addition to hundreds more since pilots began an open-ended strike on Friday because of the collapse of pay negotiations.

Norway cruise ship arrives in port after airlift drama

24 Mar 2019; DW: The Viking Sky cruise ship that lost power off the coast of Norway arrived at a nearby port on Sunday after three of the vessel's four engines were restarted.

Rescuers said two tug boats aided the vessel as it navigated toward the town of Molde, more than 24 hours after an evacuation order was issued when the ship lost engine power in stormy weather.

Norway evacuates 1,300 passengers from stricken cruise ship

23 Mar 2019; DW: An operation to airlift 1,300 passengers and crew from a cruise ship adrift off the coast of Norway is underway, Norwegian emergency services said on Saturday afternoon.

The Viking Sky cruise ship sent an SOS message due to "engine problems in bad weather" in an area of water is known to be treacherous; several ships have sunk in the past.

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Troubled Norwegian cruise ship restarts three of four engines

OSLO, March 24 (Xinhua) -- A cruise ship that got into trouble in a storm off Norway's western coast Saturday with about 1,300 people onboard has restarted three of its four engines and will be towed to port, emergency services said Sunday.

"Three of the four engines are now working, which means the boat can now make way on its own," emergency services spokesman Per Fjeld said.

World's largest underwater restaurant opens in Norway

21 Mar 2019; DW: The "Under" restaurant is five meters (16 feet) under water at Spangereid on Norway's southern tip.

"Under" also means "wonder" in Norwegian. It opened on Wednesday for friends and family of the owners, with the first paying guests expected in April. 

It is Europe's first and the world's largest underwater restaurant, with seating for 100 guests.

World's biggest sovereign fund to dump oil and gas stocks: Norway

Norway's sovereign wealth fund, the world's biggest and which is fuelled by petrodollars, will divest its oil and gas holdings to reduce its exposure to the oil sector, the Norwegian government announced on Friday.

08 Mar 2019; AFP: While the decision is based solely on financial considerations and not on the environment or climate change, a divestment by an investor worth more than $1 trillion will undoubtedly be seen as a major blow to polluting fossil fuels.

War kills over 100,000 babies a year: Save the Children

15 Feb 2019; AFP: At least 100,000 babies die every year because of armed conflict and its impact, from hunger to denial of aid, Save the Children International said on Friday.

In the 10 worst-hit countries, a conservative estimate of 550,000 infants died as a result of fighting between 2013 and 2017.

They succumbed to war and its effects, among them hunger, damage to hospitals and infrastructure, a lack of access to health care and sanitation and the denial of aid.

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