Russia mulls repaying its state debt to S. Korea by helicopter supplies

MOSCOW, October 28. /TASS/: Russia could repay its state debt to South Korea by delivering helicopters to the country, the office of the Presidential plenipotentiary envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District said on Tuesday.

The issue was raised during a video conference of Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev and South Korea’s Minister of Economy and Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki.

Moscow’s COVID-19 restrictions proven effective, says chief sanitary doctor

MOSCOW, October 28. /TASS/: The phased restrictions that were introduced in Moscow due to the coronavirus have demonstrated their effectiveness, the city’s Chief Sanitary Doctor Elena Andreyeva said during an online meeting of the Moscow city assembly on Wednesday.

"All measures have proven to be effective so far, including the phased restrictions," she pointed out.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin earlier announced preventive measures due to the surging number of coronavirus cases in the capital and an anticipated rise in respiratory infections.

RUSSIA: Air leak spot aboard orbital outpost looks more like a scratch, says cosmonaut

MOSCOW, October 28. /TASS/: The air leakage place discovered aboard the International Space Station (ISS) looks more like a scratch 2-3 cm long, Cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin said at a post-flight press conference on Wednesday.

"What we see is what I would describe as a scratch. I am not inclined to use the word ‘crack’ because we cannot look deep into the metal’s structure. This scratch is several centimeters long, about 2-3 cm," the cosmonaut said.

The scratch is curvilinear, he added.

Russia: Developer may disclose data on Sputnik V trials due to infections among volunteers

MOSCOW, October 28. /TASS/: The developer of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus, the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Russian Healthcare Ministry, is considering the possibility of disclosing the data on who of the volunteers was administered the vaccine, and who - a placebo in mid-November, before summing up the results of the study. According to the Center’s Director Alexander Gintsburg, this is due to the instances of infection among volunteers.

Russia: Some people don’t get infected contacting COVID-19 patients, expert says

ST. PETERSBURG, October 27. /TASS/: Scientists have discovered that there are people who do not contract the coronavirus even after multiple contacts with the infected. At the same time, it remains unclear which resistance biomarkers to the virus they possess, Director of the Saint Petersburg Pasteur Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Areg Totolian said on Tuesday at a forum on healthy society.

Russian Jet Intercepts German, U.S. Planes Above Baltic Sea

MOSCOW, Oct 27 (NNN-TASS) – A Russian fighter chased away a German and a U.S. military aircraft, over the Baltic Sea on Monday, the Russian Defence Ministry said.

Russian airspace control detected two air targets over the Baltic Sea, flying towards the Russian state border, the ministry said, in a statement.

A Russian Su-27 fighter took off and identified the targets as a German Navy P-3C Orion patrol aircraft and a U.S. Air Force U-2S reconnaissance plane.

The Russian jet escorted the foreign aircraft until they flew away from the Russian border.

Over 17,000 cases of COVID-19 infection detected in Russia

MOSCOW, October 26. /TASS/: The number of confirmed COVID-19 infections in Russia over the past 24 hours has increased by 17,347, bringing the total to 1,531,224, the anti-coronavirus crisis center told reporters on Monday.

According to the crisis center, the relative daily growth over the past three days has been at 1.1%.

The lowest daily growth rates were registered in the Republic of Chechnya (0.3%), the Chukotka Autonomous Region (0.4%) and the Republic of Dagestan (0.5%).

Moscow ready not to deploy 9M729 missiles in European Russia, Putin says

MOSCOW, October 26. /TASS/: Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russia is prepared to refrain from deploying in its European part the 9M729 missiles, which Washington regards as a violation of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty, but on the condition of reciprocal steps by the NATO countries. In that connection, Putin suggested considering different verification measures, including those regarding the Aegis Ashore systems at US and NATO bases in Europe and Russia's facilities in the Kaliningrad Region.

Kremlin accuses Joe Biden of spreading hatred of Russia with threat talk

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The Kremlin said on Monday that U.S. Democratic presidential challenger Joe Biden’s assessment of Russia as the biggest threat to U.S. national security was wrong and encouraged hatred of Russia.

The comments come just over a week before Biden faces Donald Trump in the Nov. 3 U.S. presidential election. Biden is ahead in the polls.

“We absolutely do not agree,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a conference call, when asked to comment on Biden’s assessment.

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