Iraq refuses to join Gulf Sea alliance

20 Sep 2019; MEMO: Iraq announced yesterday that it would not be joining the International Alliance for Safety and Protection of Maritime Navigation in the Gulf, saying that this military force “complicates the political and security situation.”

In a statement the spokesman for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Ahmed Al-Sahaf said Baghdad believes the formation of any military force to protect the waterways in the Gulf would further complicate the situation in the region.

Iraqi PM’s Visit To China To Boost Bilateral Ties

BAGHDAD, Sept 16 (NNN-NINA) – An Iraqi politician said, Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi’s upcoming visit to China will contribute to “a quantum leap” in bilateral relations.

Raed Fahmi, secretary of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party, said, “The visit may open the door for signing agreements to improve the level of cooperation between China and Iraq that could have strong effects.

“Such agreements could help Iraq meet the requirements of development, especially in the development of infrastructure, including roads and bridges,” said Fahmi.

Iraq Signs 1.3-Billion-USD Deal With German, Egyptian Companies

BAGHDAD, Sept 15 (NNN-NINA) – Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, signed a deal valued at 1.3 billion U.S. dollars with the consortium of the German Siemens and the Egyptian Orascom, to renovate two power plants in Iraq’s central province of Salahudin.

Located near the oil-refinery town of Baiji, some 200 km north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, the two plants were severely damaged by the Daesh militants, who once took control of parts of Salahudin province.

Turkish army destroys seized explosives in Northern Iraq

15 Sep 2019; MEMO: Turkish security forces on Sunday destroyed seized improvised explosive devices (IED) in northern Iraq, as part of country’s ongoing counter-terror operation dubbed “Operation Claw-3”, Anadolu reports.

“In line with the successfully ongoing Operation Claw-3, a total of four IEDs were destroyed…” the Ministry of National Defense said in a statement.

31 Shiite Pilgrims Killed, 100 Wounded In Stampede In Iraq’s Karbala

BAGHDAD, Sept 11 (NNN-NINA) – At least 31 Shiite pilgrims were killed and some 100 others wounded on Tuesday, in a stampede in the holy Shiite city of Karbala, in the south of Baghdad, Iraq’s Health Ministry said.

The incident took place in the afternoon, during the major Shiite ritual of Ashura, when thousands of Shiite pilgrims pushed into the entrance of the Imam Hussein shrine in Karbala, some 110 km south of Baghdad.

Death toll from Ashura rituals in Iraq's Karbala climbs to 31 with 100 more wounded

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - At least 31 people died and another 100 were wounded on Tuesday during the Shi’ite Muslim religious rituals of Ashura in the Iraqi city of Karbala, a Health Ministry spokesman said, offering no details as to how they died.

Ashura marks the day when, according to Islamic tradition, the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) grandson Imam Hussain was killed in battle in the year 680. Shi’ite Muslim pilgrims from around the world converge each year on Karbala, the site of the battle.

Iraq Suspends U.S.-Sponsored TV Channel Over Corruption Report

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Sept 3 (NNN-NINA) – The Iraqi government, suspended the offices of the U.S.-sponsored al-Hurra TV channel for three months, over a programme, about alleged corruption among Sunni and Shiite religious clerics.

A statement by Iraqi Communications and Media Commission (CMC), said, “The CMC Board of Trustees decided to suspend the work of al-Hurra TV’s offices in Iraq for three months, and suspend its activities until it re-corrects its attitude towards dealing with Iraq affairs.”

Iraq’s Kurdistan denies presence of Israel military base on its soil

2 Sep 2019; MEMO: The government of Iraqi Kurdistan denied reports that an Israeli military base has been setup on its soil, Arab48 said yesterday.

“Some Iraqi media have circulated a statement that is not true, claiming the existence of an Israeli camp run by a woman general in Erbil,” spokesman of the Iraqi Kurdistan Government Jutiar Adel said. “The government denies these baseless reports,” and added:

Baghdad's crackdown on Iran-allied militias faces resistance

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - At checkpoints leading into the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the flags of Brigade 30, a paramilitary force, still fly nearly two months after the Baghdad government ordered all militias to leave.

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s decree gave Iran-backed paramilitary groups, which have wielded increasing power in Iraq, a month to fully integrate with the armed forces, leave checkpoints and sever ties with political groups.

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