Sudan: Army rulers, protesters agree on 3-year transition period

15 May 2019; DW: Sudan's military rulers and protest movement leaders have set a time frame for transitioning to full civilian rule. A final agreement, including details on the eventual ruling body, is expected in the next day.

Following violent clashes on Monday, Sudan's army rulers and protest leaders have agreed to a three-year transition period to allow for transferring power to a full civilian administration.

Sudan protesters threaten civil disobedience after army delays

Khartoum, May 8 (AFP/PTI) Sudanese protest leaders on Wednesday threatened to launch a nationwide campaign of civil disobedience after accusing the country's military rulers of delaying the transfer of power to a civilian administration.

Thousands of people remain camped outside the military headquarters in Khartoum nearly four weeks after the armed forces toppled autocratic president Omar al-Bashir as demanded by a months-long protest movement.

Sudan's ousted President Omar al-Bashir to be interrogated

3 May 2019; DW: Sudan's public prosecutor has ordered the interrogation of ousted President Omar al-Bashir on charges of "money laundering and financing terrorism."

Al-Bashir was removed from power and arrested by Sudan's military on April 11 after months of protest against his 30-year rule. The military and opposition leaders are now in the process of setting up a transitional government.

Sudan's military council declares opening of roads, bridges in capital

KHARTOUM, April 29 (Xinhua) -- Sudan's Transitional Military Council (TMC) on Monday said it agreed with the Sudanese opposition to open the main roads and bridges near the army's general headquarters where thousands of Sudanese protesters are staging a sit-in.

"The TMC noted the importance of normalizing the life of people, as we have discussed this matter with our partners of the Freedom and Change Alliance," Shams-Eddin Kabashi, the TMC spokesman, said at a press conference in the capital Khartoum.

Sudan protesters hail breakthrough in talks with army rulers

29 Apr 2019; AFP: Sudanese protesters Sunday welcomed a breakthrough in talks with army rulers who agreed to form a joint civilian-military council, paving the way for the civilian administration demanded by demonstrators.

Saturday's agreement would replace the existing 10-member military council that took power after the army ousted veteran leader Omar al-Bashir on April 11 amid massive protests.

Sudan’s military rulers condemn attack on Popular Congr Party members

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) — Sudanese protest leaders held talks with the ruling military council on Sunday after the military condemned an attack on an Islamist party close to President Omar al-Bashir, who was removed from power and jailed earlier this month.

Dozens of protesters on Saturday surrounded a building where the Popular Congress Party was holding a meeting, chanting: “No place for Islamists.”

Sudan's military and opposition agree on joint council

28 Apr 2019; DW: Sudan's army rulers and opposition have reached a breakthrough in talks to form a joint civilian-military council. Thousands of protesters remain camped out in Khartoum calling for a transition to civilian rule.

Sudan's army rulers and an opposition coalition agreed on Saturday to form a joint civilian-military council to lead the country's transition following three decades of autocratic rule by President Omar al-Bashir, according to several unnamed sources.

Sudan braces for 'million-strong' protest march

25 Apr 2019; AFP: Sudanese protesters began gathering for a "million-strong" march Thursday to turn up the heat on the ruling military council after three of its members resigned following talks on handing over power.

The rally outside the army headquarters comes after the military rulers and protest leaders agreed to set up a joint committee, to chart the way forward two weeks after the ouster of veteran president Omar al-Bashir.

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