India: Flower vendors follow norm of fixed-rate

Kanpur: Like other markets, there also arranges an open market of flowers on the roadside in the Panchakki area here from morning till noon. It is a daily market where rose and marigold flowers are commonly sold in retail. The customers flock the market for buying the small-sized flowers in red and yellow. White-coloured Chrysanthemum remains available but not in ample quantity.

India: 'Leather business is better than peculiar politics'

Kanpur: Skull-capped Abdul Ali is a mature man. His views always reflect what he feels genuinely on any particular or general topic. With increasing age and burgeoning responsibility, there came enough changes in his life. He has now become more spiritual and attends the gathering of the people deeply immersed in religious beliefs. Those who have seen him from the youthful days do startle by his changed attitude.

India: Gold-like coins unearthed in a village field

Kanpur: The news spread like a wildfire when a viral video of the recuperation of hidden gold like coins from a field in a village Badagaon Bheeki near Derapur in Kanpur Dehat district. The police are looking for the field's owner and the Bataidar.​​​ It is also reported that a few of the coins were even sold to a goldsmith. 

As the report regarding the coins reached the administrative level SDM Deepali Bhargava sent the police in the village.

Kazakhstan’s capital hosts inaugural forum on Asian countries’ writers

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 4 (NNN-BERNAMA) — Kazakhstan’s capital city of Nur-Sultan. previously known as Astana, is hosting the inaugural forum of Asian Countries’ Writers from today till Sept 6.

The event is aimed at strengthening the connections and development of literary and cultural ties between the countries in the Asian continent.

Chairman of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, Ulyqbek Esdaulet, said the event can become a platform for the discussion of pressing issues surrounding the development of Asian literature.

India: Sacrificial goats sell at high rate in Jajmau

KANPUR: Every goat has its day. As the festival of Eid-ul-Azha approaches, the goat sellers begin to eye on profits. Every sahab-i-nisab Muslim has to offer a sacrifice of a goat, though other permitted animals are also allowed for this religious obligation. 

Various spots are fixed for the gathering of the goat sellers in the city areas but the tannery town famous as Jajmau has one spot where the goat sellers converge. This place is known as Nai Chungi.

India: Mobile phone causes altercation between couples

KANPUR: A mobile can also be the cause of the separation between the husband and the wife. Though they were blessed with one son and one daughter, they were not living together. Irritated with wife's chat on WhatsApp and Facebook the husband warned her to leave excessive love for chatting. But the wife's habit did not change. This caused them to stay separately for eight months. 

India: 'Server' failure irritates customers at bank

Kanpur: "What is a server?" asked a lad at the branch of a nationalised bank at  Jajmau area on Monday. He was definitely confused. His question was very genuine as it has become an easy term for the disruption in the computerised activity.

Without it, the customers cannot afford banking transactions through a computer set. The customers either kill time in wait at the bank or annoy at the delay in completion of the work which remains disrupted due to a networking problem.

India: Passengers & patients pay extra at rly canteen and pvt clinic

Kanpur: Just as there is a difference in the rate at the ordinary canteen and the air-conditioned canteen at the platform no 1 of the Central railway station here, so as the difference in doctors' fee is seen at their private clinic existing in the same market at Jajmau here.

Both the doctors hold the same degree but show no mercy to the patients by reducing their respective consulting charges. One doctor normally prescribes medicines equivalent to his fee while another doctor tries to make the patients spend more money than his fee.

Love for goats made him Babu Bakra in Jajmau

Kanpur: Babu Bakra is an unique man. He takes utmost interest in rearing goats. This is his natural habit as he himself cares the animals. He even gives them strange names. It is only he who knows how to select or choose the particular names for his pet goats. Every year he buys a pair of immature male goats and rears them with full interest and devotion. 

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