India: Denizens welcome 24-hour power supply in Kanpur

Kanpur: Several think that 24-hour electricity supply in the district would help in maintaining social distancing when the Covid fear in this big city is rocketing as the trend shows.

One said that lesser power cuts which remain a regular feature will help denizens stay behind the door under comfortable condition. They will hesitate in moving out of the houses. Thus, there will be a limited crowd on the road. Only those will move out who will find it too necessary to go out.

India: Spreading awareness thru their tryst with cycling

Kanpur: It is definitely not an easier but arduous task. The two cyclists have really stunned everyone by their enthusiastic and energetic spirit.

One person is a 60-year-old man Thakur Das Sasmal of Kolkata and another one is 40 years old Mukesh Manna.

Both have arrived after cycling a very long distance in Naubasta area here on Tuesday. They will move to Delhi from this place. 

Their mission is to spread awareness in regard to the value of social distancing, wearing a face mask and the need for sensitisation during the scary time.

India: Are economical electric vehicles really the future?

Kanpur: Are electric vehicles really the future? Yes, it appears so. Even the report of the Bloomberg New Energy Finance approves it if we carefully read the trends in this sphere. It shows a long term contemplated chart.

It will hit 10% of the global electric passenger vehicles' sales up to the year 2025 with that number rising to 28% in the year 2030 and 58% in the year 2040, the report said.

According to another study, currently, the EVs make up 3% of the global car sales.

India: Honest use of raw vacant spaces on Civil Lines road!

Kanpur: It is nothing strange as it can be seen in the city earlier known as the  Manchester of East. This prestige has been a matter of the past, as denizens say.

The roads are no longer free of cavities on every side. Strangely enough, the roads of Civil Lines are still far better than the other roads here.

In Jajmau, a broad, deep, wide and incredibly several feet genuine trench sway the passers-by with fear. 

India: Online test shows results similar to class test

KANPUR: When marks do not come as expected, the students find their mood swaying."Tell me your marks which you have secured in Unit Test," asked class lXth student from another student of class VIIth. He gave him a detailed information at once. But the amazing thing was that the senior student did not obtain marks in Maths as he specifically expected.

India: Not a film fiction but an actual story of alive man

KANPUR: Nearly twenty years ago there came a Hollywood film 'Cast Away' which shows how the desperate actor survives and returns home. Though this film is said to have depicted a real story, a true story of a man in Chakeri who was assumed to be dead returns home alive.

Not even have completed the age of 40, the man from Ompurwa locality was not in touch with the family members since August 2. He left his house after quarrelling with his wife over an issue. He had left the city as he later told.

India: Elder sister demonstrates no mercy for younger sister

KANPUR: Like cunning politicians, if the close relatives begin to act, emotionally the most wounded are the younger siblings, no doubt.

Such a thing happened in the families of two sisters. Elderly arranged an impromptu get together, though it was later known it was well thought out programme. 

India: When there are festivals, there are rains too

KANPUR: Festivals bring rains indeed. As a result, the city is drenched wholly. Thus, the people get relief from the humidity and the higher temperature.

The tragedy is that there is a lack of heavy rain in this city. The time the rains suddenly stop owing to delayed clouds cooling the people start feeling the same discomfort of hot, humid weather

Slight rains can not solve the problem, said a resident in Jajmau area adding that we require heavy rains at this time of Sawan month when drizzling continues.

India: Children rejoice every minute with sacrificial goat

KANPUR: Children are enjoying every passing moment of the day with at least one goat present in every moneyed Muslim's house. As an offering of a sacrificial goat is a must for every wealthy person in a Muslim family the presence of goat can be felt by its gloating. 

Despite the school's unit test coming soon after the end of the annual festival, the children are not leaving any chance to move with the goat. One child told his friend: "Come fast, and play with the goat as the time is moving out. There is one more day left in the arrival of Eid-ul-Azha."

India: Quietness dominates due to Saturday lockdown in Jajmau

KANPUR: Quietness prevailed in Jajmau area on Saturday as the day passed on in the situation of lockdown. There was a lesser movement on the road due to the constant fear of the restrictions.

When the UP government has decided to keep watch on the district through drones the dread of authorities concerned is sure to come about.

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